It's all about you and your relationships with people and brands, how do you affect them? how do they affect you?. Relationships are always fun, so let's start one :)
  • who am i?
    what is my purpose?
    Your brand is a reflection and an extension of who you are.
    spirit mind body
    Your brand may have corporate identity, mental identity and spiritual identity and they together transmit your present perception about your own personal identity.
  • Through experiences this
    reflection becomes a perception.
    spiritual emotional mental physical
    At the end your brand is not what you say or think about it, it's what other people perceive through direct or indirect experiences they have related to your brand.
  • This perception is what we think and feel about a:
  • find your purpose
    If a brand message has deep meaning to you then it resonates with what you are, and if the message is more about empowering you and less about the brand itself then the way how you feel may inspire other people as well.
    These thoughts and feelings are expresed as a story that could inspire.
  • we're connected
    A story where you are an essential part of a bigger system that we can't perceive yet, a story where we aren't only individual beings but also One community at the same time.
    And this story can be transmitted
    to many people locally and globally.
  • but before this perception becomes an inspiring story we should understand our limits and filters for human perception
  • electromagnetic spectrum
    humans perceive maybe less than 0,00018%
    Cattle started being branded so owners could distinguish theirs. But this "branding" isn't very inspiring... now Branding is more about finding the true essence of the Brand...
    Branding involves working with the "invisible" because a brand is an Intangible Asset. So when we believe in a brand we believe in something we can't see, nor touch...
    Then Brands live in the part of the spectrum that isn't "physical", together with ideas, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. In fact they all merge to create experiences that affect us in many ways...
    Brands have the power to encourage or discourage Beliefs. Choose an empowering belief instead of a limiting one and then experience it to decide if it's your own truth...
    low frequency
    tv signal
    uhf / vhf
    if we collaborate
    we'll find out
  • learn more about your connection with brands

    remain open minded, this is only information, you should find your own truth with experiences, please don't just believe what you see here and do your own research.

    Fractals are present everywhere, they are never-ending patterns that are self-similar across different scales; look at nature, look at your body and you will find them. Fractals are also present in Time, through our life span and through History, this means that the conditions for an event that occured before are likely to happen again. Let's make an analogy with a classic video game where obstacles and challenges are repeated through a game level and when we complete it next level is more complex but in essence the challenges have the same structure. The information you will read next is about the Multiplayer Game of Evolution that we all are playing and how Evolutive Branding could help us to complete the present level. Evolution belief is optional but your participation may not.

    million years ago
    new organism
    survival and mutation
    new organism
    survival and mutation
    new organism
    survival and mutation
    game level 1
    • unicellular

      Scientists believe that around 3.8 billion years ago the first living organism appears on Earth. All living creatures come from this single cell without nucleus. This type of cell is known as prokaryotic cell.

    • perception

      The cell membrane is a thin layer that separates the interior of the cell from the outside environment. Information from the interior and outside environment is received (perceived) through this membrane. Cell decisions are based on this information.

      The greater the membrane surface the greater the information perceived.

    • reproduction / mutation

      Bacteria reproduced by cell division and mutated for 2 billion years. Most of this period was chaos and chances of survival only improve with more information.

    • new social organism

      In order to perceive more information cells organized themselves and collaborated to create a new organism with a larger membrane.

    game level 2
    • unicellular group

      Around 2 billion years ago a new type of cell with nucleus was formed thanks to the simbiosis of bacteria. This type of cell is known as eukaryotic cell.

    • perception

      Now the eukaryotic cell membrane is a lot larger than individual bacteria membrane, the new organism by association can perceive more information from the environment than any other organism from the previous game level.

      Remember that cell decisions are based on the information perceived from the environment and also between them.

    • reproduction / mutation

      Eukaryotic cells introduced a new kind of reproduction (sex), combining their genes for more variation. Cells mutated to a degree that they became different species between them.

    • new social organism

      At the end of this level cells collaborated again to create a new multicellular organism in order to expand their perception and start a new level.

    game level 3
    • multicellular

      Around 600 million years ago the first multicelullar player appeared, a community of trillions of cells from previous level.

    • perception

      Now the player's membrane is the nervous system, more information can be perceived thanks to cell specialization. Around 525 million years ago for the first time players are able to perceive visible light, before that all were blind. New senses are developed through this level. But the game got more complex when the human players appeared because now information has to pass through filters we call Beliefs. We decide what information is better for our game.

    • reproduction / mutation

      Through millions of years millions of player species appeared and dissapeared, players kept evolving with better information, but most of the level was survival.

    • new social organism

      Today we are living in a moment of Level 3 where collaboration is crucial to expand our perception and start acting as one big community.

    Only when you have a Big Picture you understand it is not a survival game, it is a cooperative game, a massive multiplayer game. Where players exchange information, collect it through experiences, share it through stories and act upon it. The quality of their decisions are based on this information.

    Game objective and rules can be obtained when we study the fractal patterns of Evolution. The progress is measured by the level of consciousness of their players, their level of awareness and perception.

    we're still playing level 3 how evolutive branding may help

    When you analyze the spiral graphic on the right you see that every Level of the Game is a jump in Evolution. We also see that only when there's collaboration between players their perception evolves to receive more information from the Environment. An expanded perception is a consequence of collaboration. The only factor we can control is collaboration, not perception, and because Brands have massive reach Evolutive Branding can help players in the following ways:

    1. Minimizing distortion of perception (disinformation) when Brands encourage empowering and inclusive (all players) beliefs and when Brands disencourage limiting and exclusive (only some or against players) beliefs. At the same time supporting open minded scientific research to study the global consciousness.

    2. Creating Brands that develop and promote Systems and Industries where collaboration is favored instead of competition and where all players and their playground are treated as One Organism.

    3. Creating and/or empowering Brands where profits aren't their final purpose but instead a resource for a higher purpose of developing a more balanced and loving community starting with the players inside the Brand's structure.

    4. Enabling players all over the world to participate in the creation and collaboration of Evolutive Brands through all the Brands's life cycle and in every interaction with players.

    5. Creating equality of opportunity where every player has access to the same information, where every player has the minimum necessities covered to get out of the "survival game" and start playing the "collaboration game" without restrictions of activity (as long as it doesn't affect negatively to other players) and without restriction on profits.

    players collaboration
    players perception
    In September we'll launch a new blog where you will find articles about Evolutive Branding and how to become an Evolutive Brand, enter your email to stay tuned.
    learn more about evolutive branding

    Bygato is a Branding Agency based in La Paz, Bolivia. But more than that Bygato is a Cell specialized in Evolutive Branding collaborating inside the great organism of the Evolution Game.

    We have our own Projects and apply all knowledge we believe can help ourselves and the community grow, collecting information through these entrepreneurial experiences so later we pass all this knowledge to your own Projects and keep learning from you as well. We believe that this cycle process elevates Branding education to a new level and combined with global collaboration tools the results can benefit more people than the involved.

    In every project we start analizing our and your Beliefs in order to work only with the ones that benefit the community as a whole.

    and purpose
    perception internal worlD
    and systems
    and mental identity
    perception external world
    our purpose:

    "to understand and value ourselves and other people, in order to empower authentic brands that inspire to evolve in spirit, mind and body"

    bygato projects
    Our own projects are developed with Evolutive Branding and global collaboration tools. To learn more about the process go to
    Your project
    Steps we follow to transform your idea or actual brand into an Evolutive Brand:
  • 1. diagnosis
    Gathering all the possible information to get to know you better and your project details as well.
  • 2. purpose
    Presential Workshop where we get to the essence of your Brand, we help you see what you momentarily can't.
  • 3. identity
    Translation of your true Brand Purpose into corporate, mental and spiritual identity that will reflect what you are.
  • 4. system
    Elaboration of Strategy and Information Systems in order to keep evolving as a Brand and as Individual.
  • These 4 steps are very important, you shouldn't skip them when you are starting a new project and if you have an already established brand you should consider implementing this process in a regular basis to evaluate your game progress.
      "I contribute to the vision, design friendly interfaces and participate in the Evolution Game"
      "I work with the essence, the foundation of your Brand and I impulse the materialization of dreams"
      "I draw and animate, that's what I know to do, if I wouldn't like it I would have done another thing. It's what it is"
      "I design and develop systems, web and new technologies lover, I live to learn"
    learn more about our story
    An Evolutive Brand has a purpose that is coherent with the Big Picture of Life's Evolution, starting with the personal purpose of the people involved. If we all together collaborate to a more loving community then our perception of ourselves will expand. "Axperiment" could provide the tools and resources for this epic journey.
    Life could get a rebrandingto find your true identity and
    if you participate in the most epic
    to create and empower evolutive brands:
    • your idea
    • other people's idea
    • an already established brand that wants to become an evolutive brand
      a global collaboratory
      to crowdsource help
      from millions of people for:
      funding, design, programming, testing, promotion and more...
      through the whole brand's life
      get access
      to data about brands you are collaborating at anytime:
      financial statements, brand awareness, collaborators
      and participate in decisions to a more loving community
    global collaboratory of evolutive brands
    "Axperiment" is an initiative of Bygato Branding Agency and with your collaboration and using game mechanics it can become a great platform to help us complete succesfully the level we are currently in the Cooperative Multiplayer Game of Evolution.
    learn more about axperiment
    so you are thinking about becoming an evolutive brand?

    Whether you live in a remote area of the planet or in a far away galaxy of the Universe, and you are reading this, then it means that you have an internet connection, so let's make contact and tell us your inspiring story.

    It doesn't matter if you only have an idea, if you are just starting an entrepreneurship or if you are an already established brand. Together we can make reality your vision and start collaborating to a more loving community.
    the brand starts in you